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Amazing Ways to Find Peace within Yourself

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Karnika Mahiyaria

How many of us have lost ourselves in obsessing, conflict and concern over the future, at feelings of inadequacy, failure, and guilt.

1. Change starts from within. You have to generate it inside you. If it’s on the surface, it wouldn’t be gratifying.

2. You are not the sole person responsible to make the world evolved. If we can evolve as individuals in one lifetime, we have benefited mankind greatly as we can then spread the influence. If growing is a struggle for you, you are doing it in the wrong way. It would be unproductive and wouldn’t help your progress.

3. Most of our greatest miseries are a result of failed expectations. So, minimize what you expect of life, the world around you, and from your people and yourself. Not only you will be less disappointed, but you’ll be less guilty too because you haven’t expected anything in the first instance.


4.It is important to tolerate intolerance. If you are hard with people who are already hard hearted, you aren’t helping anyone. In fact, you run the risk of turning like them. So basically, you will also be amongst those who are contributing to the problem. And as Gandhi said rightly, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” So when you feel yourself becoming intolerant of people, and their ways are beyond your understanding, remind yourself that they are doing their best to form and achieve their own level of consciousness (realization).

5. In order to attain your peace, realize that you aren’t here to be perfect. You are here to be real. To be you. Each moment, we are creating something. Some are creating something good and worthwhile while some others (intentionally or unintentionally) are creating things that are bad and dire. Choose what side of the world you want to become a part of.

6. Realize, detachment isn’t just a word. It needs practice before you come to the state. And it needs engagement. When your mind wants closure, finality, and certainty, remind yourself that this cannot happen because you are a human and humans evolve. So while, your brain might want to escape at the next station, remind yourself that it’s important to enjoy the ride.

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