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4 Health Benefits of Cashews


Cashews have a sweet aroma and a delicious taste. They are delightfully crunchy yet have a buttery texture.

This explains why these crescent-shaped nuts are found in so many exotic cuisines around the world. They add flavor, texture and nutrition to stir-fries, salads and curries. Cashews have become the third most consumed nut in the world.

4 Health Benefits of Cashews

1. Helps as an Anti-diabetic
Cashew extract has been found to be effective as an anti-diabetic according to a study at the University of Montreal (Canada) and the Université de Yaoundé (Cameroun). Diabetes affects almost 220 million people in the world and has been found to provoke heart and kidney problems.

2. Nutrients in Cashews Assists Memory
Cashews are particularly high in the nutrient PS (Phosphatidylserine), which studies have shown to help with memory. In fact they have the highest amount of PS of any nut.

3. Good for Hearth Health
Cashes have a lower fat content than other nuts. Almost half of the fat in cashews is the heart-healthy kind which can reduce the risk of heart disease. Cashews are high in oleic acid which is the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil. Studies show that oleic acid promotes good cardiovascular health. Cashews are also cholesterol free.

Five large studies examined the relation between nut consumption (cashews included) and the risk of CHD (coronary heart disease). The results showed that nut consumption was associated with a positive reduction in CHD risk. Researchers say that this is strong scientific evidence that regular nut consumption is helpful for a healthy and balanced diet. In another study they found consuming nuts (included cashews) lessened the risk of cardiovascular disease in U.S. adults.


4. Cancer Chemoprevention With Nuts
There have been many studies highlighted in the Oxford Journals about nuts and cancer prevention. The researchers summarized by stating that an increase of nut consumption is associated with a lower cancer occurrence, and they suggest that nut consumption would be effective approach to prevent cancer.

See this chart showing the phytochemicals in certain nuts and how they help in preventing cancer.

Caution: Cashew Nut Allergy can be highly potent.
Allergic symptoms range from simple skin itching (hives) to potentially severe and even life-threatening (anaphylaxis). Other symptoms include breathing difficulty, pain abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea.

Cashew Nutrition
Cashews are lower in calories and in fat compared to most other nuts! They have more protein than most other nuts and much more phosphatidylserine, which is, as already mentioned, helpful for the memory. They are a good source of healthy fats, protein, iron and rich in B vitamins.

Nutrient Cashew Database by USDA: 1/4 cup of cashews has approximately 196 calories, 5g of protein, 2mg Iron, 750mg copper (84% DV), 89mg

Don’t Be Scared of Weight Gain!

Surprisingly, it was found that adults who include nuts into their diets do not have to limit their consumption.  This is according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. There were 31 studies about people adding nuts to their diets by replacing other foods with nuts. These people lost an average of 1.4 pounds and reduced their waist sizes by more than half an inch. It was important that they replaced other foods and did not just add a lot more nuts.

Roasting cashews creates higher levels of nutrients than eating them raw.
The antioxidants in cashews are increased as the roasting temperature increased.
So let’s enjoy eating cashews!
Grab the occasional tasty handful or add them to your meals.

By: Diana Herrington       March 12, 2016       Follow Diana at @DancinginLife

6 thoughts on “4 Health Benefits of Cashews

  1. Good one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Reblogged this on One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Longer and commented:
    I am a big fan of both nuts and seeds.

  3. Oh that’s great news to me! I’ll get some today. And another can for my snack drawer in the office 😉

    • Cashews can certainly be a nice healthy snacking choice … just don’t over-indulge 😉

      • I banned chocolate from the drawer as it never lasted long. But boy is it hard if there is nothing in the drawer! A handful of nuts every now and again to go with my daily apple will be nice 🙂

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