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Have you heard about Yuka?

It’s amazing what you can come across as you explore a journey to healthier lifestyle. Recently I posted a question in Reddit about a product I purchased, and one of the responses I received introduced me to an app that can help in choosing healthier foods and cosmetics.

It can be challenging navigating the marketing terms on labels and some of the misleading ingredients that don’t sound unhealthy on ingredient lists … Yuka tells you what’s what and explains why.

This cool program takes the guesswork out of choosing products that are safe and healthy. Yuka uses your cell phone’s camera to scan barcodes … it can then tell you how safe and healthy an item may be. It can also recommend healthier similar products. Yuka receives no funding from brands or manufacturers, and  has now become an integral part of my grocery shopping.

Yuka is available for Apple & Android phones
~ MisterPete