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A couple of weeks ago, I was tested for allergies. Other than a mild reaction to wheat, I was not allergic to anything else. The allergist told me that my slight wheat allergy was really nothing to worry about and that I could continue eating anything and everything.

OK … but, this started me thinking … “What is in my diet that has wheat?”

It turns out – quite a bit. From the cereal at breakfast, to the sandwich at lunch, to the pasta at dinner time, to my favourite healthy muffins … wheat is pretty much all over the place

For a long time now, I had tried to ensure I stick to whole grains and whole wheat products (bread, crackers, pasta) as much as possible instead of regular white bread or regular pasta. However, after this visit to the doctor’s, I became a little more aware of wheat in my diet.

Then I came across this article, that spoke of how, over the years, even the seeds used in the production of our wheat had been genetically modified. The article also spoke about how today’s wheat products will often make us fatter.

ACK! While I heard of genetically modified foods becoming more of a problem in our diets recently, this article really struck a chord with me. When I look at all the foods in our diets that contain wheat … well, it is everywhere.

Then I asked myself … “Would it be possible to live without wheat?”

The answer is of course yes … if I really had to. Currently, wheat is a major source of calories in my life, but over time, I certainly could shift towards a wheat – free diet.

In the short term, I hope to MINIMIZE my consumption of wheat products. I will gradually replace foods, one by one, with what I hope to be healthy substitutes. I know there will be times (especially in the first while) where I will likely compromise … but in the bigger picture, I hope to reduce my overall wheat consumption substantially.

This recent goal has also pushed me to examine how balanced my meals are. Am I eating enough protein with most meals? Are there too many carbohydrates in my diet? Am I getting my share of fruits and vegetables? I hope to research this soon, and share what I learn with you.

My journey toward a healthier lifestyle continues …
thanks for coming along for the ride!
: )

Pete Szekely

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