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22 Simple Habits That Can Relieve Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Are the holidays the season of excitement or a time for anxiety and frustration?  Here are expert tips to get you past the stress and into the festive spirit. Get adequate sleep It’s no secret that our bodies crave rest; … Continue reading


The Easiest Way To Kill Stress And Tension

The simple instruction that reduces stress and increases energy and optimism. The easiest way to kill stress and tension is: Don’t be so hard on yourself! People who are more compassionate towards themselves experience less stress, new research finds. Self-compassion … Continue reading

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4 Psychological Studies That May Completely Change The Way You See Yourself

by Higher Perspective 1. The wooden door experiment. The wooden door experiment was an experiment conducted by researchers in which college students were targeted. The researchers would ask for directions, and halfway through receiving directions from the students, workmen hauling … Continue reading