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The Type of Nuts That Boost Brainwaves

How to strengthen brainwaves related to cognition, learning, memory and even healing. Eating nuts regularly strengthens brainwaves related to cognition, learning, memory and even healing, new research finds. Pistachios were particularly good at boosting the brain’s gamma wave response. Gamma … Continue reading

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Experts Now Recommend Introducing Peanuts To Babies At High Risk Of Allergies

Withholding the nuts may actually contribute  to the deadly allergy, a national panel concludes. For millions of children who have peanut allergies, mealtimes can be deadly. And for years, doctors have advised parents to keep peanut products away from children … Continue reading

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The Healthiest Nuts

Health Nuts: Ranking Nuts Here’s our list of favorite nuts, ranked by their nutrient density. These varieties contain the most protein, fiber, B-vitamins, calcium, minerals, and vitamin E for the least amount of saturated fat: Almonds Filberts (hazelnuts) Peanuts Chestnuts … Continue reading