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Three Strategies For Bringing More Kindness Into Your Life

Countless studies link kindness and generosity to greater life satisfaction. Greater Good Science Center    By Juliana Breines, Ph.D.    10/04/2015  One of the best ways to increase our own happiness is to do things that make other people happy. … Continue reading

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4 Ways To Boost Your Well-Being And Happiness 

These are the four psychological pillars of well-being-being. Awareness, connection, insight and purpose are the four pillars of psychological well-being, a study concludes. In the face of rising mental health problems, made worse by the pandemic, these pillars can help … Continue reading

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The 4 Steps That Will Increase Happiness, According To A New Study

Researchers believe these daily habits will train your brain to achieve better overall well-being. (Worth a try, right?) Researchers believe they’ve cracked the code when it comes to achieving overall emotional and mental wellness through four key pillars. This past … Continue reading


8 Everyday Tools For Fighting Depression

Eight exercise for developing serenity and calm. Teaching people to focus on positive emotions helps them deal with stress, new research finds. People were taught classic positive psychology exercises such as keeping a gratitude journal, recognising positive events each day … Continue reading