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What Are Flavonoids?

Why flavonoids are good for you,  and what foods you’ll find them in Benefits of FlavonoidsFlavonoids are plant-based compounds with powerful antioxidant properties, which means they reduce inflammation, promote healthy arteries, and help fight aging by preventing – and repairing … Continue reading


10 Health Benefits Of Kimchi

Health benefits of kimchi include an improved heart health and a healthy digestive system. The wealth [1] of antioxidants in it exercise healing effects in medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, obesity, atopic dermatitis, and gastric ulcers. This flavonoid and probiotic-rich … Continue reading

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The Type of Nuts That Boost Brainwaves

How to strengthen brainwaves related to cognition, learning, memory and even healing. Eating nuts regularly strengthens brainwaves related to cognition, learning, memory and even healing, new research finds. Pistachios were particularly good at boosting the brain’s gamma wave response. Gamma … Continue reading