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7 Free Ways To Fight The Effects Of Aging


By Dr. Agnes Frankel    October 3, 2014 

The essence of anti-aging medicine is not only prolonging one’s life span, but to ensure that we are experiencing life while being our best, most vibrant, energetic and healthy self — whether in our 20s or 60s.

Think of your body as an ocean full of beautiful underwater life. When the water is dirty there is no way the colorful fish will stay healthy and vital. The same goes for your cells and organs — when their environment becomes polluted they get weaker and die prematurely, meaning they AGE!

That’s why the key is to be focused on proactive actions that will help your body and mind stay balanced in their best and most optimum state. Let me share with you some easy yet powerful tips that, when implemented, will set you up to win and thrive every single day of your life.

1. Stand up.

Sitting for too long is harmful to your health. Be proactive! Make it a habit to move and stretch your body for five to 10 minutes for every 50 minutes you sit. Just think how many “sitting” activities you could approach differently and use as an excuse to stand up, like a phone conversation, reading, or drinking your favorite cup of tea. There are even different phone apps that can help you keep track of your break routine.

2. Move it!

It’s been said over and over, but somehow so many people do little to no physical activity. If you’ve read about the positive effects of sports on your body and mind, but never actually put yourself into the position to do it, NOW is the time! Think of it as the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Start out by exercising three times a week for an hour. Schedule the time as a “necessary appointment” with yourself to make sure no one will interfere.


3. Finish in “last place” in the meal marathon.

You want to take your time when having meals. If you eat in a rush, it’s likely you don’t chew properly, and you overeat. As a result, your body does not extract all the essential nutrients, plus you burden yourself with too many calories.

When you take a five-minute break, it’s much better to drink some fresh juice than taking huge bites just to finish quickly. Remember — that’s the race you DON’T want to win!

4. Be on a mission.

Setting clear goals about what you want to achieve will boost both the quality and length of your life. If you haven’t done it already, ask yourself: what is your purpose? What do you what to give and achieve while being here? Give yourself time and space for this reflection. Write your thoughts down or make a vision board. This is significant, so don’t push yourself if you don’t have the answer straight away. Stay focused and be patient: it will come!

5. Connect.

You’re not a lonely island, and you shouldn’t be. So get out there! Never underestimate the time spent with your colleagues, family, and friends. Make it a daily habit — even a five-minute talk during a busy day will make a huge difference in the quality of your life. Don’t limit yourself only to Internet connections; go offline and experience the real world. There’s nothing more refreshing than a face-to-face interaction.

6. Be the director of your own life.

In life, not like in the movies, you can be successful only when you act to your own script. Don’t let anyone else write it for you. Don’t wait. Live your life according to your own rules. And remember: today is the best day to start!

7. Be happy!

You can’t change everything that surrounds you. Nonetheless, it’s always up to you what you focus on. Yup, the glass can be either half full or half empty. Make sure to find empowering meanings in every situation. The more you exercise this, the more organic it will become for you! And when doing that, of course, smile!

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    It’s always gratifying to see someone else agreeing with my own ideas. There are some good ones here.

  3. Thanks . The post is very educative and rich. Thank you.

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